Top F A C E Highlighters

I love wearing highlighters to spark up my look and I have the perfect one for each occasion. As most vary from pink, to brown, beige and different shades they all make you look wonders!

Finding the perfect tone and texture on highlighters can sometimes be a bit difficult, but once you find the ONE it seriously changes the game. The 6 listed below have seriously changed everything!


High Beam Liquid Highlighter :

This is an everyday go to! This liquid highlighter is perfect for some brightness around the top cheek. It makes you look more awake and simply all around gorge!


Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter :

I love pairing this bronzer on top of my blush on days I want to look more "pink". I personally own the Ginger Binge / Moscow Mule

( Highlighters come in pairs of two). It gives you that perfect amount of pink you would need on a daily basis...It's everything a girl can ask for.


Highlighter :

What I love about the Rose Gold/Becca Highlighter is its consistency. I know when I apply this baby it's for something memorable! I usually wear this on more dewy make up looks. For instance when I go out on a date, or simply just want to make a bit more of a dramatic light effect on my cheek.


Golden Hour Luminizing Powder :

The golden powder for sure! Throughout the years I have been really impressed with the way Ariel Tejada ( Yes, Kylie's makeup artist) does his make up! WOW is he A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! I watched a video on him doing a makeup tutorial, and during the tutorial this luminizing powder was used and let me tell you...I needed it too! it's PERFECTION. It gives you that natural look and screams flawless like #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS ;)


Betty-Lou Manizer Shimmer Bronzer :

Perfect for that JLo glow. I usually use this while on vacation ( Like on the beach, pool - sippin on that piña colada lol ). This bronzer is perfect to highlight your cheeks when you have a tan bronzey look going during summer!


Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter & Shimmer Compact :

I think I randomly stumbled with this highlighter one time when I was at the nail salon ( I know, random) but I looked it up online had amazing reviews... then I realized I really needed it lol. Anyway, for the price and what it does.. let me tell you it's beyond perfect for a deep highlighter that works with any type of look.

Asta la Proxima,

Beatriz Xx

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