The C O M F Y Weekend Dress

During the week you'll find me wearing yoga, workout or comfy jogger pants, but once the weekend hits I feel the need to spice up my life with something that makes me feel preetty. I go for something within comfort, because lets be real ain't nobody going out right now!

On my "pretty days" I usually combine an activity that goes along with that vibe- either painting, or something creative that will get me going... I will be writing about that soon :)

This dress is from one of my favorite stores Free People. I'm a big fan of their styles and GREAT selection. YES, they can be on the pricier side, but the cool thing about their brand is that you can also find them at discounted retailers and apply those cool promo, coupon or retail codes. Their style is very much in tune with what I love as they offer unique pieces that go with many body shapes ( they hide the lil' muffin top) and make you look your best.

When shopping at Free People I do recommend you do some research. Some pieces are oversized or simply small, so make sure when you purchase your next fit to read reviews and look for pictures that will give you a feel of what that item will look like on you!

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