Slimming Workout PANTS

First and foremost, lets love our body at any shape or form!

Whatever your goal is, whether it's losing weight, toning, or keeping up with your current weight- remember to always embrace your B E A U T I F U L body :)

I found pants to help you look more defined, slimmer and give you that extra boost of confidence when lets get to it!

HIGH WAISTED PANTS: These type of pants help keep that lovely tummy in and are amazing as you don't have to pull your pants up every so often when working out. I love pairing my high waisted pants with a crop top or simply a loose tank or tee.

CONTOUR PANTS: Honestly an essential. These bad boys make you look C A L I E N T E! They redefine all major areas and lift that booty.

COLOR- BLOCK PANTS: Not only are these fun, but they help diminish attention to those unwanted areas.

COMPRESSION PANTS: Seriously girls best friend ! Amazing when working out, as they compress your body, and diminish cellulite around your legs.

MESH PANTS: Can you say sexy all around vibes! These pants are your go to when not wanting to wear shorts but need a little of a breather here and there. They compress all "excess" areas and make you feel absolutely s-e-x-y!

While these looks may work for many body shapes, some may or may not work for you. I personally like trying different lengths, and colors for working out. I recommend reading reviews on the brand you choose next and have fun changing it up !

Asta la proxima,

Beatriz Xx