Still pushing through home workouts? Sometimes our whole routines change, or habits completely drift, and even our workouts can get off track. Home workouts provide a healthy alternative to a path of weight-loss or it just gives us that extra energy boost. These fun home workout videos do just the trick!

Pop-Sugar Fitness has been MY GO TO ! I love how they integrate different routines with AH-Mazing trainers. Most videos have alternatives to them ( so don't worry ). My top favorites include a bit of cardio and main body focus. These videos are seriously just fun. I recommend dressing as if you're actually going to the gym and enjoying the energy in "class".

1. 30 minute - No Equipment Full Body Toning Workout

This was the first class I took and was H O O K E D. Highly recommend it as a first class to ease yourself into these workouts. Nicole Steen is an inspiration and her vibe and energy radiated through the screen. This workout includes soft burning moves that will turn on every muscle in your body!

2. 30 minute - No Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout

This 30 min. class is one of my favorites. Founder of Le Sweat - Charlee Atkins gracefully engages every part of your body with 3 circuits. Again mi favorito, cuz can feel Le burn while having Le Fun !

3. 45 Minute - Cardio Kickboxing Boot Camp

Let me just say... you will sweat a little EXTRA in a fun way lol. Jeanette Jenkins is a master in helping you reach your whole potential while having a fun and engaging workout. 45 minutes somehow feels like 20 minutes. I now find myself talking to her, saying - " OMG you're crazy BUT this is AMAZING ! " ... Trust me you will enjoy the total vibe!

4. 45 Minute -Calorie Burning Ab Focused Workout

Jeanette Jenkins does it again! Although this is a little more intense than all my previous favorites, the challenge is totally doable and so worth it. This video incorporates variety of moves to get that heat and speed of your body going with the total goal to SWEAT!

Pop-Sugar Fitness has been my source for at home workouts! If you're looking from a 15min, 20min, or any sort of workout they have many options to choose from. Remember you can pause and take a break at ANY time and take your time with the workouts. The main idea is for you to adapt the workout FOR YOU and have fun with it!

What are your go to home workout sites?

Please share!

Asta la proxima,

Beatriz xo