Must H A V E Workout Shoes

I started my workout journey back in 2018, and let me tell you it has NOT been easy. One thing I do to keep myself motivated and excited about workouts is a good investment in nice and comfortable looking shoes along with gear that makes me feel unstoppable!

I love going for shoes that are versatile and can combine with daily wear. My newest addition are my New Balance shoes ( As shown in the picture/ Wearing - White Linen Fog if interested ). I decided not to include New Balance on this list since colors are limited and I wanted you have multiple options. ( Click on New Balance and it will link you directly )



These were gonna be my summer purchase, but I'm holding off ( I own way too many shoes that can still be put into good use) lol . Anyway, I LOVE the aesthetic of this shoe, and from what I've been reading these are a total GO! They provide CUSHION, FLEXIBILITY and LOOK GOOD!

Adidas NMB Sneaker:

Game CHANGER for those with wide feet. I'm a fan of most adidas shoes and these go beyond expectation. Although they do run a bit large, they are perfect (but DON'T forget to size down) ! They are S-U-P-E-R comfortable for any type of foot. These bad boys are made of light mesh sock material, and offer COMFORT, LIGHTNESS, STABILITY and EDGINESS to any outfit !

Adidas UltraBoost Running Shoe:

These shoes have helped me through each workout because of how perfect they are, they are my favorites! If you're looking for a shoe that will help you with performance, feel SUPER comfortable when working out, and still look fly... they are it! They are very CUSHIONY, SUPPORTIVE in ALL AREAS, and VERY FLEXIBLE... Promise it is worth your investment.

ON Cloud:

I personally don't own a pair BUT I have read, and heard marvelous things about these! If you have narrow feet- these are your go to! Although limited in colors the are known to be LIGHT, and MADE to WORKOUT!

When on the hunt for a pair of sneakers, I do recommend purchasing the item you like (ASAP) as they do tend to run out quickly. Just a little something to note for your next shopping adventure!

Asta la Proxima,

Beatriz Xx