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Quarantine has brought a mix of emotions. I don't know if it's just me but I l o v e Quarantine life. I haven't seen my jeans in a little over a month ( I hope they fit by the time this ends...crossing my fingers! ). Like many, I'm living in that cozy life. My weekly and daily looks have totally changed... and to be honest once this is over I might even miss my robe! I practically live in it.

If I'm not in my pink cozy robe, I'm in warm pants, loose t-shirts or workout gear! Below you will find my Quarantine favorite go to's:

1. My First Cozy Favorite - L e R o b e ! I've been obsessed with my robe waaaay before Quarantine, but now more than ever I take advantage of this lil' baby and sometimes stay in it all day long.

2. My Second Best- L o u n g e W e a r. Not sure if you have noticed the tie dye trend, but it's making a comeback and I'm all over it!

3. My Last but not least favorite- W o r k o u t G e a r ! If you're like me and need to be in workout gear to get amped up about working out, let's be friends! I try to keep my workout wear as bright as possible because it just motivates me and makes me feel vibrant and ready to roll !

Which are your Quarantine go to outfits? Please share!

Asta la proxima,

Beatriz xo