H A P P Y Colors for a Happier YOU !

Colors always set a certain vibe, whether it's wanting to relax and set a calming energy flow or trying to motivate and feel like you can do it all. There's always a set of colors that can trigger those points to inspire or motivate you. Which is why I wanted to share my key top favorites!

Y E L L O W : The color of the sun. Yellow is known for its boosting ways on optimism, happy and uplifting color. Whenever I wear yellow I feel vibrant and low key super positive and to get that extra effect I would suggest sitting outside for a good 10min, with some tea to soak a bit of that Vitamin D!

R E D : Color of love. Doesn't that just make you happy ? Red promotes high-energy, boost of strength, passion and desire. This color is fun to wear when you are working out! Makes me wonder if that's the reason they use the Red Room at Barry's ..hmmm! No wonder I push myself more haha.

G R E E N : Nature's color. Green is known for its calming, exciting, and optimistic features- all around positive vibes! Whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed or simply in a funk, look for those green keys. Take a walk outside and admire those pretty green trees, or do some fun gardening. Not a full on DIY project but maybe trim the flowers or bushes outside. It's always nice to listen to the birds and take a big H A P P Y breather :)

O R A N G E : This bright color stimulates courage, confidence friendliness and success. Fun color to wear to get you going on something you R E A L L Y need to accomplish... like cleaning, maybe? lol you always need that extra courage to organize #NoLIE

P I N K : Pink inspires all around positive vibes - it's fun, healthy and uplifting. This is one of my favorite colors ( Note - my robe is pink and it makes me feel so warm and brings all the happiness within me and I love wearing it over the weekend while I drink my cafecito). Pink is that one refreshing color that will make you feel so joyful. You can never go wrong with some pink home flowers or pink robe ;)

I find myself going to bright colors to trigger my "H A P P Y ". I tend to use these to set my mood or get me going when it's a bit gloomy. You can apply these colors in various ways- wardrobe picks, home accents, laptop/phone cases, head pieces, nail color, flowers, and the list goes on !

What are your favorite HAPPY go to's ?

Asta la proxima,

Beatriz Xx

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