5 Creative W A Y S To Stay Inspired

Inspiration is something I find absolute key in. Whether it's looking into things that can help me maintain a specific goal ( for example weight loss) or simply bring some sort of peace to my mind, body and soul anytime needed. I also find that exploring in inspiration opens your creativity or simply helps you for anything you are trying to acquire or achieve.

Below you will find things / activities that have personally helped me and could potentially help you!

1. Y O G A

Although I am not a yoga professional. Yoga is my go to when I need to maintain myself, my body and soul. I do this as a relaxer for my inner peace, and I find that breathing while meditating helps control my thoughts and sets the mood for the day. I feel inspired and at ease with every movement and helps me practice self love and my surroundings. #Namaste

2. P A I N T I N G

Yes, I painted the lion above : )

I know painting is not for everyone, not everyone has the patience or interest in it. BUT if you kinda like it but don't know how to do it, it's totally okay! and if you find some sort of inspiration in art keep reading. I feel like looking for inspirational paintings online and adding your personal twist is so magical. Adding those extra colors, or just simply creating your own portrait is exciting and a great destresser. If you don't find painting the easiest, but like the idea of painting for inspiration, there's options! Different websites offer painting by numbers, personally have not done one but it looks like a super fun activity!

3. H I K I N G

I'm not talking a 10 mile hike or anything extreme. I am talking about a nice walk, or a nice hike that will let you connect with nature. I don't know you, but I find some peace early morning when I hear the little birds outside talking. I also find that same peace when I get fresh air on hikes or walks. That fresh breeze is such a great relaxer to connecting with yourself and nature. #QueRico

4. M A I N T A I N A P E A C E F U L E N V I R O N M E N T

Setting the tone in your environment is a must for inspiration. ( In my very so humble opinion) If your environment is unorganized, so will your thoughts. So, if you have the time and effort to organize your home in ways you think will be beneficial to you, do it! This has worked for me as being in a clean environment helps me with maintaining a workout routine, or simply doing things like my blog! Once my space is clean I love turning my little candle on, I recommend getting scented candles that take you back to your happy place. I personally love turning on my 'Christmas Candle', it takes me back to Christmas and it makes me feel so cozy and happy! OR simply get a scent that inspires and makes you H A P P Y!

5. C R E A T E A V I S I O N B O A R D

I know most people make their vision boards early in the year, BUT it's never ever too late. Honestly, I haven't made mine yet LOL. I found my 2019 vision board while cleaning the other day, and looked at all the major points I wanted to accomplish in 2019, and it's pretty impressive but I think because I put all my hopes and inspirations on that board, I subconsciously conquered most of my goals. I will definitely be sharing on another blogpost how I go about vision boards!... Stay tuned #VisionIsTheMission

I hope this blogpost has brought you ideas on inspiration. I know there's a gazillion things to do out there BUT these are some of my top favorites and I hope you enjoyed them :)

Asta la proxima,

Beatriz xo