2020 Summer Sandals HOME Edition

I love having the most comfy shoes available, and sandals are NOT the exception! Not sure what summer will bring us yet, but considering most of us are still home chilling and moving from the window to the wall ( LOL ) we need some comfort for this summer time loving.

I have compiled a list of 2020 Summer time sandals- Home Edition to wear in the comfort of your home, while maybe going on a nice short walk, possibly a curb-side pick up, grocery run or whatever it is you're doing but are looking to stay comfortable, cute, fresh and stylish!

Here we go...

Strap Sandal: Honestly, I love these! I purchased my first pair last year for my trip to Cancun, Mexico... AND let me tell you, they were PERFECT. Not only are they durable, but EXTREMELY comfortable. They offer all day support for lots of walking and they also dry quickly after getting wet. Perfect for traveling (around the house of course lol) a nice outdoor walk or summer gardening!

Thong Sandal: Summer staple! Thong sandals are just a must in summer. We've all owned a pair and while some can be sorta uncomfortable between toes, once you find the perfect brand that suits your foot shape, its go time!

Slide Sandal: Thing numbero UNO to love about slides is their comfort and cuteness ! I personally like wearing these around the house or while running errands. I usually pair them up with jeans, or leggings... Me encantan!

Two-Band Slide: Okay, I'm obsessed with these. These sandals go with literally everything. Perfect for shorts on a hot sunny day, or a pretty dress and for your occasional sweater/leggings type of day!

What are your summer go to sandals ?

Asta la Proxima,

Beatriz Xx