You're probably wondering what in the world l o v e l a v o d n a s means ? Well, it's my last name S a n d o v a l spelled backwards

l a v o d n a s and l o v e right in front. Not sure why I'm so obsessed, but it just sounds right!


If you figured out the puzzle to my name, it is Beatriz Sandoval. I am a proud Latina, who is deeply obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with creativity. I am obsessed with feeling and looking your best while being comfortable and I am also a compulsive shopper who is always in search of the cutest and most fitting trends - within budget of course ; ) 


After years ( and years and years for - real) of debating whether or not I should share my story, life tips, fashion tips, and all sorts of tips, I finally decided it was time. I hope my little world brings you motivation, inspiration and all around positive vibes! 


I might be dropping some Spanglish here and there, and I hope you enjoy that ! 




Beatriz xo


"Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever"

Walt Disney

Welcome to L O V E L A V O D N A S  !